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Wood and Urushi Art Exhibition

Location : Taichung City Huludun Cultural Centergoogle-maps-icon.png

  • Introduction of Pavilion
    This exhibit shows Taichung's rich history in artisanship with local imageries. The lacquer work will be in Fengyuan, the former lumber distribution and lacquer art industrial hub, promoting contemporary Taiwanese wood and lacquer artisan crafts.
  • Section of Pavilion
    1. 【Gallery III】Traditional & Modern
      Fengyuan used to be the center of Taiwan wood and lacquer arts industry. Gallery III combines traditional wood and lacquer artistic skills and modern creative design. Visitors can find the origin of the wood and lacquer art, the skills for this unique orient art, and how this art revives from tradition to modernity here. The modern art works chosen from“2017 Wood Lacquer Artwork and Innovation Design" also displayed in this gallery, presenting the exquisite and diverse contemporary art of wood and lacquer.
    2. 【Gallery Ⅴ】Classic Lacquer Art Collection
      Taiwan's lacquer art originated from Taichung. The Classic Lacquer Art Collection Museum is mainly represented by the “Lai KaoShan Memorial Art Museum" and Huludun Cultural Center. Among these lacquer art works, Huoqing Chen, Kaoshan Lai, and Qingshuang Wang play an important role in carrying on the past heritage and opening up the future of lacquer art in Taiwan. The works contain various techniques of lacquer art and are integrated by unique Taiwan elements. The works exquisitely show the spirit of the artists while creating the art works.
  • Curator:
    1. Nomad Culture & Life Co., Ltd / Wan-yu Liu

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Life Surrealism – Dongshih Land Art Exhibition

Location : Dongshi Hakka Cultural Parkgoogle-maps-icon.png

  • Introduction of Pavilion
    As time slips away in life, explore the Taichung's vintage fashion, with “Most Senior Section: Dongshi Life Surrealism," “Most intercultural: Vintage Fashion Week," “Most Exciting Stage: Floral Power 65" as the Vintage Fashion Galaxy Trio.
  • Section of Pavilion
    1. Dongshih Land Art Exhibition
      We try to create a new perspectives of thinking and attitude to face the advent of an aging society with surrealist methods to combine interesting scenes into the Dongshih Forestry Culture Park and point out some ageing issues to make people care about the issues of ageing society.
    2. Old Fashion Week
      Taiwan is going to be an hyper-aged society. We expect that everyone is ready for embracing this becoming-aged-society. “Old Fashion Week" is created for aging people to making their own style through a series of activities. We hope that every golden years is full of self-confidence to live out their life value by showing their own fashion. We also expect them to share their aged service experiences through long-term care forum. Welcome to join us for experiencing multiple appearances of aged services! With a theme of flowers, perform by 65 people whose age over 65 years old, they will perform a 65 minutes show with 4 unit.

      1. Dresses 21
        The students of the design department will design 21 costumes for seniors in Taiwanese tile. The 21 seniors will perfome the custumes in a runway show.
      2. Broadcast 777
        Seven people with an average age of 77 years old who lived in the Dongshi District, they will become an idol group and have a dancing show.
      3. 13 Sounds
        The 13 elders will sing the suite of seasonal flowers.
      4. 24 Schools
        The 24 seniors dance with students from 24 senior high schools in Taichung.
  • Curator:
    1. Fantasy Story / Guan-Cheng Pan

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