2018 Taichung Design Lab Exhibition

Urban DESIGNing – 2018 Taichung Design Lab Exhibition

An innovative experiment party is coming! In our busy city life, there are tones of social problems. We are passionate in Taichung where is full of energy and creativity. We are trying to bring some changes to the city by using our professional knowledge, creativity and energy. We believe that every experiment is a lead to success.

【Urban DESIGNing 】 is one of the surrounding activity of 2018 Taiwan Design Exhibition. It is a series of activities that use Taichung as the aim of design brainstorming and the place of design experiment. We invited 5 famous designers to facilitate,40 adolescent designers to join and collaborate with above 10 design companies. We go deep into Taichung through achievement display, following there will be more solution to tackle different social problems that we can find.

  • Curator: 5% Design Action、 DreamVok、 CanMorer